PnOVA American Piano Music Series

PnOVA American Piano Series

About the Series

The PnOVA American Piano Series makes great recordings in an acoustically perfect concert hall then delivers exciting live concert events featuring music on the recorded CDs. The series brings together composers of varying aesthetic perspectives in all stages of their careers, from budding young artists to experienced composers with established careers. Composers are actively involved in the recording sessions with pianist Martin Jones so each work receives precise attention to score details and stylistic direction.

Concerts feature works on series CDs but include established modern repertoire to give audiences a taste of extraordinary classics mixed with the classics of tomorrow. The superb musicianship and virtuosic technique of one of Britain's most acclaimed pianists brings audiences  to their feet at every venue.

PnOVA Recordings is the contemporary classical label of multi-media publishing company MahinMedia LLC, whose catalog includes interactive applications built for the Apple mobile devices, electronic book publications, audio recordings, and a select cadre of artists. PnOVA Recordings is dedicated to the introduction of new music, especially music written for piano,but also represents a venue for recording rising artists in the classical music genre. All recordings use state-of-the-art digital converters capturing 96kHz 24-bit samples.